Professional Experiences
  • October 19, 2019 – Present
    Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai

    Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (DPST); Associate Dean – Academic Programmes; Co-ordinator, ICT-NICE (Venture Incubator Centre of ICT); President, ICT’s Innovation Council; Treasurer, ICT-NICE Society; Innovation Ambassador, ICT

    Key Responsibilities

      To teach various Basic and Advanced Courses to Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research students
      To run an active research group focusing on niche areas of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Material Sciences
      To generate funding through consultancy, government and industrial projects
      To look after various academic activities such as admissions
      To contribute to the development of newly established Venture Incubator at ICT
      To nurture and grow innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among ICT students and motivate them to take up these activities


      Designed, developed and implemented newer pedagogical tools for UG/PG teaching
      Successfully generated multicrore funding for group research and ICT activities
      Several patent applications based on key technologies developed in my lab were filed
      Successfully contributed to various innovation and entrepreneurship activities at ICT
      Established cross-border collaborations for niche research in Drug Discovery and Development

  • August 22, 2018 – October 18, 2019
    Shobhaben Pratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy and Technology Management, SVKM’s NMIMS University, Mumbai
  • (Headship: July 2012-April 2015)
    Professor and Head, Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance
  • July 2, 2012 – August 21, 2018
    Associate Professor and Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Key Responsibilities

      To teach various Basic and Advanced Courses to Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research students
      To lead a research group of PhD and Masters students working on various industrial and government projects
      To frame and revise the syllabus of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD courses being run by the school from time to time
      To carry out research with societal relevance
      To look after various academic activities such as examination, discipline, placement, etc. in school


      Designed, developed and implemented newer pedagogical tools for UG/PG teaching
      Nurtured research culture in the department which led to several high-value research projects being awarded to self and department collagenase
      Revised theory and practical course contents at all levels suiting the current research trends and industry needs
      Several publications in peer-reviewed international journals (cumulative impact factor >100)
      Successfully running several Government and Industry-sponsored projects

  • May 24, 2011 – June 30, 2012
    Global Discovery, Nycomed: a Takeda Company, Mumbai
    Senior Research Scientist
    Key Responsibilities

      Provide molecular modeling and cheminformatics support to all in-house projects in Germany and India
      Manage target scouting activities to identify viable projects for further selection
      Creation and maintenance of ‘chemically intuitive’ virtual small molecule databases
      Timely delivery of projects meeting all the project goals


      Initiated development of novel strategies for exploring less-visited areas of druggable chemical space
      Attempted drug repositioning approach for 2 in-house targets
      Performed structure-based analyses (induced-fit docking) of small molecule-hERG binding during one lead optimization study
      Successfully compiled one full presentation on a known target for a new therapeutic indication

  • March 2009 – May 2011
    Medicinal Chemistry, Piramal Life Sciences Ltd., Mumbai
    Research Scientist
    Key Responsibilities

      Intelligent design and synthesis of new chemical entities (NCEs) as potential antidiabetic, anticancer and antiinflammatory agents
      Design and development of central ‘chemical intermediates’ database
      Propose novel and intelligent strategies to generate intellectual property (IP) quickly
      Modify physicochemical properties such as lipophilicity, solubility, etc., of in-house macrocyclic natural products


      Applied out-of-the box design strategies for NCEs aimed at a proprietary molecular target (Merck)
      Innovatively designed and synthesized ester prodrugs of 2 macrocyclic natural products. One of the prodrugs resulted in improved solubility and substantially reduced local toxicity
      Achieved systematic SAR exploration of a small molecule natural product identified in-house by synthesizing 17 analogs (on 1-2 mg scale)
      Successfully identified a subnanomolar compound with acceptable ADME profile during a lead optimization program of a HTS hit (glucose-uptake enhancers). Development of a synthetic route amenable to large-scale synthesis and rapid generation of analog library was the key to success
      Rationally designed and synthesized novel dual kinase inhibitors (Anticancer)
      Designed and developed a database of chemical intermediates using ChemOffice 2010. This database significantly reduced the redundant ordering of chemical intermediates and hence, substantial savings in terms of cost and time

  • March 2006 – February 2009
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Advisor : Dr. Aloke K. Dutta
    Key Responsibilities

      Delivery of projects involving multistep synthesis of various molecules aimed at treating neurodegenerative diseases and cocaine addiction
      Generating chemical information useful for the design of NCEs by applying cheminformatics techniques and molecular modeling tools
      Management of chemical inventory, safety equipments, safety procedures and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the laboratory
      Maintenance of analytical and other instruments such as semi-preparative and analytical HPLC systems, Parr hydrogenator and instruments used in animal behavioral pharmacology


      Successfully synthesized complex monoamine transporter inhibitors for treating drug addiction, depression and other neurological disorders
      Designed and synthesized novel dopamine D3-preferring agonists (Parkinson’s disease) with the help of pharmacophore models
      Successfully designed and initiated syntheses of dual dopamine D1- and D3 bivalent ligands
      Independently wrote a NIH grant proposal on the design and development of novel metal-protein attenuating compounds (MPACs) as Anti-Alzheimer’s agents. This project involved generating preliminary data and its incorporation in the grant proposal

  • February 2005 – February 2006
    Reliance Research and Development Services, Pvt. Ltd., Reliance Life Sciences, Mumbai
    Executive – Cheminformatics
    Key Responsibilities

      Design and multistep synthesis of NCEs belonging to several therapeutic categories such as cancer, inflammation, metabolic disorders (Type II diabetes, obesity, etc.)
      Prepare project proposals for prospective clients
      Work closely with the business development department on the technical aspects of in-licensing opportunities Creation and maintenance of virtual targeted libraries


      Identified submicromolar caspase-3 inhibitors selected using pharmacophore-based virtual screening of commercially available compounds
      Judiciously designed and synthesized novel antioxidant molecules
      Initiated drug repositioning approach in order to generate IP quickly. Dedicated efforts on this project led to development of a physical library of ~160 oral drugs
      Successfully prepared 2 project proposals for a client based in UK for collaborative research

  • March 2004 – January 2005
    Cheminformatics Department, Nicholas Piramal India Ltd., Mumbai
    Junior Research Scientist
    Key Responsibilities

      Set up molecular modeling and cheminformatics facility (hardware and software)
      Design of NCEs using molecular modeling tools such as 3D QSAR, structure- and ligand-based virtual screening, homology modeling, structure-based drug design, pharmacophore mapping and ADME/toxicity predictions, etc.


      Successful identification of back-up molecules of P276-00 (lead Cdk4 inhibitor) through structure-based design with the help of Cdk-4 homology model
      A series of novel PPAR- modulators [(non-thiazolidine-dinones (TZDs)] was identified using combined structureand ligand-based virtual screening
      Generated critical information for the design of novel analogs of then in-licensed polyphenol natural product lead molecule (inhibitor of Bcr-Abl) by computationally studying the development of resistance to imatinib
      Intelligently designed and developed in-house scaffolds database using ISIS/Base

  • September 2003–March 2004
    Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai
    Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Key Responsibilities

      Teaching Advanced Medicinal Chemistry to M. Pharm. Sci. Sem. I and Sem. II classes and Organic Chemistry to F.Y.-and S. Y. B. Pharm. Sci. classes